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Tissue Training Conference: processes and innovations in the tissue production (2-4 nov 2022)

TECNICELPA 3 days course in English

Tissue Training Conference: processes and innovations in the tissue production (2-4 nov 2022)

Deadline for registration ends 20th october 2022


This three days course provides a deep analysis of whole tissue paper production process from fibres selection to Stock Preparation, from Tissue Machine to Slitter Rewinder as well as tissue products characterization and quality and energy saving.
The innovative course format is based on academic presentation of the Tissue Production processes: each unitary operation function and description is then integrated with Special Lectures by specialists from the most international important equipment suppliers.
Participants have the opportunity of attending to a course where specific topics and latest innovations are presented by international experts; special meeting sessions are also organized for face-to-face meetings of participants with the speakers.
Enrico Galli (Tissue Consultant - Chairman) shall present the tissue production process,  coordinate specialists’ interventions and moderate following extended question and answer sessions.
The preliminary speakers panel includes technicians from Tissue Machine and equipment companies as ACelli (Yankee, Slitter-Rewinder), Lantier (creping), RUNTECH (Vacuum systems, energy savings), VALMET (refining, “hybrid” tissue machines, press section, Yankee, Slitter-Rewinder)  VOITH (refining, “hybrid” tissue machines, TAD, forming session, press section, felts, fabrics and sleeves, dry-end, energy saving, creping), chemicals suppliers for enzymatic refining, wet-end chemistry, coating, softness chemicals) as BUCKMAN and SOLENIS (enzymatic refining, wet-end chemistry, coating) and fibres and pulp specialists as RAIZ (fibres for tissue).
Presentations will be in english, but the question and answer sessions could be translated to portuguese.



Day One: Wednesday November 2nd:
•    welcome (by Tecnicelpa)
•    morning:
       o    presentation of the Training Conference – Enrico Galli
       o    Fibres for tissue – RAIZ
       o    Questions & answers session – All participants + RAIZ – Moderator: Enrico Galli
       o    Tissue production chain – Tissue production process: Stock Preparation and Approach system – Enrico Galli
       o    Refining – VOITH
•    afternoon:
       o    Refining – VALMET
       o    Enzymatic refining – SOLENIS
       o    Softness and softness chemicals – Enrico Galli
       o    Wet-end chemistry – SOLENIS
       o    Questions & answers session – All participants + SOLENIS, VALMET, VOITH – Moderator: Enrico Galli
       o    Speakers-Participants meeting session

Day Two: Thursday November 3rd
•    morning:
       o    Tissue Machine and auxiliary systems – Enrico Galli 
       o    “Hybrid” Tissue Machines – VALMET, VOITH
       o    TAD – VOITH
       o    Forming and headbox operation - VOITH
•    afternoon:
       o    felts & fabrics – VOITH
       o    felts & fabrics chemical conditioning - Enrico Galli
       o    shoe-press and sleeves – VOITH
       o    press section – VALMET, VOITH
       o    vacuum systems - RUNTECH
       o    TM dry end – VOITH
       o    Speakers-Perticipants meeting session

Day Three: Friday November 4th
•    morning:
       o    Yankee drier – ACelli, VALMET 
       o    The energy issue – RUNTECH, VOITH
       o    Coating – SOLENIS
       o    Creping – BTG
       o    Speakers-Participants meeting session
•    afternoon:
       o    Creping – Lantier
       o    Questions & answers session – All participants + RUNTECH, ACelli, Lantier, VALMET, VOITH, SOLENIS, BTG – Moderator: Enrico Galli
       o    Slitter-Rewinder – ACelli, VALMET, VOITH
       o    Questions & answers session – All participants + ACelli, VALMET – Moderator: Enrico Galli
       o    closing (by Tecnicelpa)
       o    Speakers-Participants meeting session


Necessary background knowledge for anyone involved in the Tissue sector
This course is specialized training for anyone (tissue maker, maintenance expert, process engineer and decision maker as well as supplier) already experienced in the Tissue Sector or those wishing to broaden their understanding of this fascinating paper product.


Enrico Galli - (Tissue Consultant - Bulamacco) - will moderate the course
Ana Margarida Carta (RAIZ) – Fibres and pulp
Andrea Coluccini (VALMET) – Slitter-Rewinder
Angela Knight (SOLENIS) – Enzymatic refining & Wet-end chemistry
Denny Di Vita (ACelli) – Slitter-Rewinder
Elena Troia (VOITH) – Drying, Energy savings
Fabio Bargiacchi (VOITH) – Refining
Federico Donati (ACelli) – Yankee
Fernando Dantas (BTG) - Creeping
Francisco Aguas Artigas (Solenis) – Coating
Gabriele Romanini (Toscotec VOITH) – “Hybrid” Tissue Machines, TAD
Iker Urbieta (Lantier) - Creeping
Johan Rågård (VALMET) – “Hybrid” Tissue machines, Press section, Yankee
Lari Lampilla (RUNTECH) – Vacuum system, Energy savings 
Marco Pettena (VOITH FRS) – Shoe press
Mariana Martins (VOITH FRS) – Felts & wires
Klaus Hermann (VOITH FRS) – Shoe press & sleeves
Simone Licari (VALMET) – Slitter-Rewinder
Sinke Henshaw Osong (VALMET) – Refining



02nd, 03rd and 04th NOVEMBER 2022

from 09:00 to 18:00

MELIÁ Ria Hotel & Spa
Cais da Fonte Nova, lote 5
3810 200 AVEIRO
Telef +351 234 401 000

GPS Coordinates:
40.6386 (N), -8.6452 (W)

See Google Maps

Deadline for registration:
20th october 2022


(until 20th october)

Member Tecnicelpa*/ASPAPEL/ABTCP: 500 € (discount 20% for registrations until 30th september)
Non Member: 700 € (discount 20% for registrations until 30th september)

* Value for Max 2 representantives for each collective member. Other registrations will be at Non Member rate.

Includes seminar attendance, documents, participant certificate issued by Tecnicelpa, lunches and coffee breaks.

After 20th october, the registration rate will increase 50% and there will be no reimbursement in case of give up.



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