Tecnicelpa Innovation TALKS - Overview for the forest-based industryTECNICELPA Webinars 27th, 28th october 3rd, 4th november from 16:00 to 18:00


We are currently living in the fastest pace environment our civilization has ever lived. Companies are facing increasing cut-throat competition, together with ever-changing socio-economic trends. Companies lifecycle is getting shorter and shorter, with only a few thriving long-term. The key for long-term success is now linked to effective innovation practices. Innovation is no longer a “buzzword” but a fundamental ingredient of sustained success in business.

In past few years, Innovation strategy and management practices have evolved significantly in order to reap the benefits of creating new things that have an impact on the survival of every company. Innovation has been a huge factor of success to companies associated to “new digital economy”. However, traditional sectors of the economy, like forest-based industry, have also recognized that innovation is key for moving this sector into a sustainable path. Therefore, it is timely that industrial companies, that process forest-based materials, can promote their recent Innovation strategies and initiatives. These companies are striving to implement novel approaches and new technologies that can help improve not only their profitability but also its overall sustainability, in line with circular economy principles. It can be shown in fact that this industry is at the forefront of advanced sustainability principles and that Innovation is a key tool to achieve this


  1. To understand the most recent innovation management trends and how it’s shaping global economy, and forest-based Industry by association.
  2. To have a view on the specific innovative strategy and initiatives where forest-based companies may have a (word to) say or even play a leading role, namely on promoting sustainability and circular economy principles.
  3. Identify how companies must reorganize themselves to identify and implement, on a more than ever fast changing business context, the opportunities that can bring real added value to the company.   


Leading managers of forest-based companies and technical people linked with business areas where innovation plays a key role (Commercial, Procurement, R&D, Projects, Production, Maintenance, …). General business management public.

PROGRAM (the presentations will be in English)All sessions from 16h to 18h (UTC + 1 Lisbon - Portugal) online        

Session 1 (October 27th): Innovation trends and policies

Session 2 (October 28th): Wood based products

Session 3 (November 3rd): Packaging and Recycled Products

Session 4 (November 4th): Pulp&paper


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27th, 28th October, 3rd, 4th November 2021

from 16:00 until 18:00 (UTC+1) Lisbon Portugal

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26 October 2021

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