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Nome do Evento: Tratamento de Efluentes - módulo III

Entidade Oganizadora: Tecnicelpa e UNAVE

Categoria: Seminários

Cidade: Figueira da Foz

Data: 12-10-2022 a 14-10-2022

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Effluent treatment and water use management is one of the permanent chalenges of the pulp and paper industry which on today’s context is of the outmost importance due to:

Increased and new compliance requirements on emission limit values but also on monitoring and scope
Inreased pressure on water resources related with availability and reduced impact on recipient media

On the other hand, the need to keep update the pulp and paper technicians  in such a specific subject is one of the main reasons for this course.


 Evaluate advanced treatment system to remove additionally pollutants or specific parameters for stringiest compliance and integrated on minimal water use context, promoting circularity

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