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Nome do Evento: Seminar ANDRITZ «Improvement potencial in existing digester systems, it's surroundings and in screening»

Entidade Oganizadora: Tecnicelpa

Categoria: Seminários

Cidade: Tomar

Local: Hotel Templários

Data: 26-06-2014

Ficheiro: Ver Mais


ANDRITZ supplies latest technology to World all corners. New Pulp and Paper lines technology is also worth analyzing in what content it can serve current running mills that have same energy saving, runnability, quality issues than new mills.
Currently there are +350 continuous digesters in the world. For those ANDRITZ continuously is searching products and services to improve their operations. As all mills have their own characteristics in operations, customizing process concepts is important. In this presentation we introduce most common Cooking concepts for digester types in this region.
Efficient screening can distribute significant energy and quality improvement at the mill. And top on that ANDRITZ wants to introduce improvement potential that mill has in start-up and runnability issues.
Successful Dolphin Rotor is a teenage today; technology development of rotor leads us today totally to another level of efficiency and operation. This presentation will introduce Dolphin technology in detail and is essential to operation people for further development of their plants.
ANDRITZ Research and Development of Engineered wear parts is a fundamental part of our success in Pulp Screening and Refining. Listen here our latest innovations and expect us to get your operation running better in very near future.


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