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Nome do Evento: Voith Seminar: New Dimension in Roll Covers and Rolls Management.

Entidade Oganizadora: Tecnicelpa

Categoria: Seminários

Cidade: Tomar

Local: Hotel Templários

Data: 25-05-2011

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Voith sets standards in the markets energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transportation & automotive. Founded in 1867, Voith employs almost 40,000 people, generates €5.2 billion in sales, operates in about 50 countries around the world and is today one of the biggest family-owned companies in Europe.
Today, a large part of the world's paper production is carried out on machines made by Voith Paper. More than 25 percent of the electric energy generated world-wide from hydro power is produced with turbines and generators from Voith Hydro. Voith Turbo drive components are found in industrial applications as well as in road and rail vehicles and in ships in all countries of the world. Voith Industrial Services is one of the leading suppliers of technical services.
Voith Paper is the leading global provider of innovative, and integrated solutions to the Pulp and Paper Industry in an attractive, and safe work environment that improve our customers’ efficiency, through machine performance optimisation and paper properties.

“Consumable” and roll service in the papermaking process have a tremendous impact on performance, paper quality, and production costs. To survive in a demanding and competitive market environment you must meet the challenge of producing better paper more efficiently.
With Voith Paper’s Innovative System Solutions and products you can systematically improve your paper quality, reduce down times and maintenance effort, and improve efficiency significantly

Focused on Your Papermaking Challenges
Voith Paper has an Innovative Product Line of fabrics and rolls and has developed System Solutions to help you to solve these challenges and deliver Measurable Improvements.

People working in the Pulp and Paper industry; production, maintenance, that are interested in learning about optimizations process and covers and service influences on costs’ efficiency and quality.

Theoretical fundaments with illustrative real cases.

•Tuesday, 24 May:
17:00 - Get together at Hotel dos Templários, Tomar;
19:00 - Dinner at Hotel hosted by Voith (Confirmation until 12th May 2011)

•Wednesday, 25 May:
09:00 to 17:00 - Voith Seminar included Workshops.


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