XXVI International Conference - Forest Biobased Materials - TECNICELPA 2023

11 to 13 October 2023  |  Coimbra




8th edition

Promoter: TECNICELPA - Associação Portuguesa dos Técnicos das Indústrias de Celulose e Papel.

Purpose: “Tecnicelpa Award” intends to stimulate the production of technical and scientific papers in Companies, Universities and research Institutes that develop their activity in areas directly or indirectly related to Forest, Pulp, Paper, Board and Biobased materials. The essential purpose of this Award is to contribute to knowledge improvement, witch the institution believes is a determining factor for the Portuguese industry in the actual scenery of global competitiveness.

Scope: Technical and scientific papers, developed in a National Organization, in areas directly or indirectly related to Forest, Pulp, Paper, Board and Biobased materials, by authors of Portuguese or other nationality.

Value of the Award: best Oral 4000 € (four thousand Euros); best Poster 1000€ (one thousand Euros).

Selection of Papers: will be done by TECNICELPA's Scientific Committee during the TECNICELPA International Conference, and the award will be delivered in a ceremony to be held during the event.  Authors who do not submit the Full Paper by August 15th, 2023 will not be considered as candidates for the conference awards. Submission of Full Paper is not mandatory, however, lack of timely delivery excludes the work from being eligible for awards. Papers presented to the conference will be object of this evaluation, if the respective authors are within the criteria defined above and did not declare their intention to renounce to the Award.

Copyright: Tecnicelpa reserves the right of publicise the two winner papers in different supports (Book of papers / abstracts; Info@Tecnicelpa; informatic supports; site on the internet).


7ª edition Prémio TECNICELPA in 2021
"Production of Prebiotics Using Bleached Kraft Pulp of Eucalyptus Globulus" Patricia I. A. Henriques, Ana Maria Alves, Maria de Lurdes Serrano, António Mendes de Sousa, Instituto Superior Técnico - LISBOA

6ª edition Prémio TECNICELPA in 2018
"Production Factors Affecting the Performance of kraft Pulp for Tissue Papers" Joana C. Ferreira, Dmitry V. Evtuguin, Sofia M. Rebola, Sofia R. Jorge, Leonor Margalho,  CICECO - Universidade de Aveiro

5ª edition Prémio TECNICELPA in 2016
"Modification of fillers for increased strength in papermaking"  Ana F. Lourenço, Paulo J.T. Ferreira, José A. F. Gamelas, Universidade de Coimbra

4ª edition Prémio TECNICELPA in 2013
"Modificação de pastas celulósicas com revestimentos à base de sílica"  Dmitry V. Evtuguin, Inês Portugal, José A. F. Gamelas, Universidade de Aveiro

3ª edition Prémio TECNICELPA in 2010
“Paper Surface Chemistry as a Tool to Improve Inkjet Printing Quality” Isabel M. T. Moutinho, Margarida L. Figueiredo, Paulo J.T. Ferreira.

2ª edition Prémio TECNICELPA in 2007
“Biorefinação – uso de enzimas no melhoramento da refinação de uma pasta kraft branqueada de Eucalyptus globulus”,Nuno Gil, Cristina Gil, Maria Emília Amaral, Ana Paula Costa e Ana Paula Duarte; Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal.

1ª edition Prémio TECNICELPA in 2005 
“Química da madeira de Eucalyptus globulus: Especificidades e impacto nos processos de cozimento e de branqueamento”,Carlos Pascoal Neto, Dmitry Evtuguin, Paula Pinto, Armando Silvestre, Carmen Freire; CICECO e Departamento de Química, Universidade de Aveiro, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal.


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